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Employee working on Camshaft

CWC is a technical leader in lobe hardening required in most modern engine applications. We utilize flame heat, oil quench and cryogenic freeze and temper techniques to alter the metal microstructure to the specifications required by each customer. In addition to traditional flame hardening capabilities, CWC developed a unique process to produce Selectively Austempered Ductile Iron, or SADI, camshafts. Traditionally, customers who had used ductile iron camshafts but needed to account for higher engine stress could choose only expensive steel camshafts. With the creation of the SADI camshaft hardening process, CWC can provide customers with camshafts that can withstand higher engine stresses at a significant cost savings when compared to steel or assembled camshafts.

CWC has also developed a two piece ductile iron camshaft that incorporates the cost advantages of ductile iron while providing the performance capabilities of steel lobe camshafts. This product can meet technical requirements of modern automotive engines while providing the customer with the significant cost savings of ductile iron.

Heat application

Did You Know?

CWC is the only foundry in the state of Michigan to be awarded the Clean Corporate Citizen designation by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. The Clean Corporate Citizen (C3) program highlights companies that have demonstrated environmental stewardship and a strong environmental ethic through their operations in Michigan. CWC is proud of its environmental record and participation in local environmental protection and restoration initiatives.

Fascinating Facts

CWC is a very large recycler. Recycled scrap steel makes up 50% of the raw materials used to manufacture its products. One of the biggest byproducts of CWC's operations, iron slag, is recycled and used in a variety of applications such as asphalt for road projects.